slat systems

turnwood solid slat system

a perfect platform for most types of mattress

enjoy improved ventilation creating a dry and healthy sleeping environment. a slat base enables important air circulation below the bed which can combat mould, mildew and house dust mites that can effect breathing and contribute to allergies.

made from from chemical-free, kiln dried new zealand pine, turnwood solid slats have the strength and durability to last for a very long time.

all turnwood beds come standard with solid slat system

turnwood novaflex 4 - your choice of comfort, customised to suit you

Turnwood Novaflex 4

for ultimate comfort and support

novaflex 4 is our euro flexi bed systems both designed and manufactured in europe,  giving you the freedom to individualise your bed to provide targeted support and pressure relief where you want it.  this not only reduces pressure on your body, it also stabilises your sleep posture.

most couples are very individual in height, weight and comfort levels with novaflex 4 this can easily be  individually customised.

for added bliss, the flexibility of the laminated european beech slats absorbs all movement like a leaf spring - so you can enjoy a wonderful personalised sleep.

individual comfort settings

here's a check list to see if a flexi slat system is for you

  • one system, 3 options
  • ideal for couples that have different comfort levels
  • two individual sleep systems - perfect for wider weight variances between couples
  • personalised support - able to have one side firmer than the other side
  • contours to body shape - firming or softening where needed
  • prolongs mattress life - slats act as a secondary shock absorber
  • can adjust for season - make softer in winter for snuggling and firmer in summer when hotter
  • gives a more fitting feel to mattress - more efficient with a latex or low profile mattress
  • only have to replace slats after many years - not the whole frame
  • better air flow - avoids moisture build up keeping your mattress fresher for longer

three settings in one

 soft setting

  • soft comfort level
  • recommended for persons under 80kg                                                                                                                                                       

  medium setting

  • medium comfort level
  • recommended for persons 75kg to 95kg
  • can appear to lighter people who prefer firmer support
  • most versatile of the three systems providing more options for personalised support

firm setting

  • firm comfort level
  • recommended for persons up 90kg to 115kg
  • can appeal to lighter people who prefer firmer support

Turnwood Novaflex 4

for extra fine tuning, novaflex 4 extra are a handy accessory

for those that require additional support novaflex four extra can be added tio areas that require extra support, genrally from shoulder to waist but can be placed any any area requiring exre support.

additional support

to change, simply move the novaflex spreader inwards for a softer feel or further apart for a firmer feel

firmer or softer settings

benefits of choosing turnwood:

made in new zealand by master furniture makers with a reputation for producing quality beds and bedroom furniture

elegant designs that are bound to delight. made in nz rimu, nz pine and american white oak

freedom to personalise with flexible options to make alterations to suit individual styles

wide range of colour choice including resene, dulux and colour match service

handcrafted bedroom furniture delivered to you fully assembled

 choosing turnwood is choosing to invest in quality and style