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"the perfect palette for the bedroom"

every type of timber has its own characteristics, differences, grain styling and colour which distinguishes it. these differences can range from very subtle to extremely obvious.

here at turnwood, we wish to ensure that when you select your individually made bedroom furniture from us, it gets to create that special ambience for you to enjoy for a very long time.

we hope the following information helps you to select the timber that best suits your style.

new zealand rimu

a national treasure chosen because of its rich colour and attractive grain.  the colour of rimu timber varies with irregular streaks from a rich dark reddish brown to a yellowish brown.

no two pieces of rimu timber are ever the same as each accepts stains/sealer/lacquer in a different manner. this is due to the age of the timber when milled, where it was grown, the type of soil it was grown in and the weather conditions the tree had to contend with. 

the uniqueness of the variations that rimu produces is enjoyed by many who appreciate that their furniture has its own individual character. no two trees are the same - meaning each piece of furniture is a unique piece of new zealand history.

we source all of our rimu from sustainable forests in new zealand. these forests are required to be managed to exacting standards under detailed long-term sustainable management plans and permits that are registered against the land.

american white oak

as a renewable resource timber, american white oak is the most classic of all hardwood known for its warmth and character.

its an attractive and durable timber making it perfect for high grade furniture. chosen for its light to medium consistent colouring and generally straight grained with long rays, its fast becoming a popular choice.

new zealand southland maple beech

with a scandinavian look, the 'beech' is a favourite for bedroom furniture with those who prefer a lighter colour. the appearance, depending on location and age, can vary from a light pinkish grey to a pinkish brown.

it is a fine-grained medium density hardwood sourced from lindsay and dixon under a ministry of primary industries sustainable management plan and carries independent certification from the forestry stewardship council.

naturally resistant to borer, new zealand beeches also provide an attractive option for consumers seeking a chemicalfree environment.

new zealand pine

when you choose a turnwood pine product, you are choosing a sustainable and renewable resource making it an attractive and acceptable alternative

as a strong and very versatile softwood, it is highly suited for furniture and its consistent light colour provides a perfect blank canvas to be stained to look like other species, with colour matching being particularly effective.


medium density fibreboard is made from hardwood and softwood fibres and is very heavy product that is stronger and denser than regular wood, plywood and particle board.


a wood veneer is a thin decorative layer of natural timber applied to a mdf substrate. it is strong, flexible and doesn't shrink making it the perfect solution for the sides of our bedroom furniture and curved headboard panels.

benefits of choosing turnwood:

made in new zealand by master furniture makers with a reputation for producing quality beds and bedroom furniture

elegant designs that are bound to delight. made in nz rimu, nz pine and american white oak

freedom to personalise with flexible options to make alterations to suit individual styles

wide range of colour choice including resene, dulux and colour match service

handcrafted bedroom furniture delivered to you fully assembled

 choosing turnwood is choosing to invest in quality and style